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      • Country: Canada
      • Region: Toronto
      • University: Entertainment Business Affairs
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    Mikal Gonzales currently works at Entertainment Business Affairs as an Artist and Label Services Manager in the grants and royalties division. EBA is a full service company that assists small labels and independent artists with running the business side of what they do. This includes writing marketing plans and projecting budgets for grant writing opportunities, as well as helping to plan out a project from start to finish along side their distribution team. If they are self-published, we also administer their royalty collections on a world- wide basis. His time at EBA has allowed him to work face to face with several international artists (Fefe Dobson, Danny Fernandes) and labels (21 Entertainment, CP Records) at a professional level.

    Mikal’s background and experience comes from being an artist manager and producer/engineer. Mikal’s artist management company Bi-Geminy Music Group, employs writers, producers and artists of many genres. His artists have already successfully placed songs with recording artists such as Kesha, and Rayvon. Mikal is also a graduate of Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production, where he majored in Entertainment Business and Audio Production. It was shortly after graduation that Mikal became more interested in the business of music, and joined the team at EBA.


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